Beim Storchennest

Creative workshops with Otakar Sliva and invited lecturers


Use this form for your registration and mark the workshop you want to attend. We will contact you for further details.
You can reach us by phone (0043 2615 87959) or
by email (info@seminare-lutzmannsburg.at)

I want to register for the following workshop(s):
Figures made of Paperporcelain (16th of March to 19th of March)
Modelling Faces and Heads (23rd of March to 26th of March)
Working on the potter’s wheel (10th of April to 14th of April)
Raku and Paperclay, Mixed Media (27th of April to 30th of April)
Week of Creativity and Art 1 (10th of July to 15th of July)
Week of Creativity and Art 2 (10th of August to 15th of August)
Paperclay, the material of Postmodern Art (12th of October to 15th of October)
You and I – Double Portrait - printing techniques (20th of October to 22nd of October)

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