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Paperclay and Raku

Workshops with Otakar Sliva

Raku und Paperclay

Otakar is a specialist for paperclay that can be fired in Raku technique.
Our paperclay is a mixture of grogged clay with paper cellulose. It can be combined with pieces of iron, with stones or bisque fired ceramic pieces.
And it can be glazed and fired in green state.

Paperclay is practical for beginners: mistakes -such as unequal wall thickness or the joining of parts in different drying states- do not matter.
In comparison with usual clay, paperclay has much better dry strength. It is lighter, more stable at exaggerated designs and frost resistant.

Fulltime ceramists as well as amateur potters will break new ground with paperclay. Besides, it is a perfect material for school children and differently abled persons.

We Raku fire your work during the workshop. As it is the shortest firing process, you can take ready pieces home. Besides, you are able to see the whole amazing procedure: the ceramic pieces are taken out of the kiln while red-hot and put in a container with sawdust or straw. The lack of oxygen (reductive atmosphere) is responsible for the special varients of colours. In most of the offered workshops, making paperclay and glazes for Raku firing will be discussed.
Every participant can realize his/her ideas with Otakars help. He will be supported in technical and in aesthetical questions.

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