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Lutzmannsburg, accomodation

Thermal baths, vineyards, soft hills...

Welcome to Lutzmannsburg

Lutzmannsburg is located in the Austrian district Mittleres Burgenland.
It is one hour´s drive from Vienna.

Situated in lovely surroundings, it is in an abundance of soft hills with vineyards and picturesque villages. Its climate is temperate, therefore it is famous for its red wine. The winegrowers, that often win International awards, invite you for tastings.

A thermal line is going through this region. The baths of Lutzmannsburg is made especially for children (Sonnentherme), but another spa, Bük Fürdö, is nearby in Hungary.

Welcome to Lutzmannsburg

There is a Golf Course, a ranch for horseriding, several bicycle routes and a tennis court nearby. So while you take part at the workshop, your relatives will also have a nice holiday.

It is easy to find accomodation in bed&breakfast places or hotels in the village.
Have a look at www.lutzmannsburg.info