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Otakar Sliva

Mag. Otakar Sliva

Otakar Sliva is teacher of Fine Arts.

Otakar Sliva is a teacher of Fine Arts. Born and grown up in Czechoslovakia, he studied Sculpture and Teaching Fine Arts. After his emigration to Austria in 1987, he continued his pedagogical as well as his artistic work and organized holiday workshops in several countries.

As a well known ceramist he travels to International Ceramic Markets and shows his work in some galleries in Europe and the USA.
In study trips to Japan (2003), the USA (2004, 2005) and China (2013), he develops his personal style and meets like-minded colleagues from all over the world.
He teaches modelling figures in clay, Raku firing, the combination of paperclay with other materials and all the other advantages and properties of paperclay.

Otakar Sliva - Gallery
Some artistic work.
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Astrid Sänger

Astrid Sänger

Astrid Sänger is a ceramist, born and grown up near Vienna, Austria. She graduated from high school, did an apprenticeship as a bookseller and experimented with clay for several years. In 2000, she graduated from the Technical School for Ceramics and Tile Stove Building, Stoob (A). She was gathering work experience for some months in a pottery in Bavaria (G) and in a factory for ceramic products Saigon (Vietnam).

2001 she moved to the Burgenland with Otakar Sliva and continued her artistic work, modelling figures and objects. Playing with perspective and exaggerating proportions led her to long legged and "big foot" human figures that became her trademark. Stretched perspective leads to another point of view and meaning.
She participates at ceramic shows and exhibitions since 1997 in Austria, Germany, Netherland, Switzerland and others.

View her website www.astridsaenger.at!

During the workshops she will offer you lunch and dinner and will assist the lessons if required.
She also teaches the workshop Working on the potter’s wheel.